Reflexology For Relaxation – Book $11

Reflexology For Relaxation – The Book By Judy Law

Simple, easy to understand and apply - to yourself or someone else! In her book, Reflexology for Relaxation, Judy Law illustrates points (on the hands and feet) that anyone can use to help relax the body, ease anxiety, eliminate insomnia, and much more.

The keys to a calm and balanced state of body, mind and spirit have been given to us in Reflexology For Relaxation. Author Judy Law writes with simplicity and clarity as she instructs us how to practice basic exercises that will create positive changes in our lives. The gems of wisdom presented in this book cover reflexology, proper breathing and hydration, deep relaxation, visualization and awareness. This book is a simple yet profound tool that deserves to be in the hands of anyone seeking a higher level of well-being.

Judy Law has been practicing, teaching, and guiding others in the field of Reflexology since 1994. She combines this knowledge with experience in breath awareness, deep relaxation, and meditation to help people become aware of the powerful tools that exist within themselves which can be effectively used to reduce tension and stress and enhance peacefulness and tranquility.

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