Reflexology For Every Body — The DVD $37

"One of the best videos on reflexology!"

"A priceless resource on correct reflexology technique"

This extraordinary one-hour video is written and directed by reflexologist/film-maker Judy Law and based on the book by Joan Cosway-Hayes.

In the Reflexology For Every Body video you will see:
  • Joan personally demonstrating the correct way to apply reflexology technique
  • relaxation techniques, holding techniques and thumb and finger application for all foot reflexes clearly presented
  • how to give a complete foot reflexology session
  • the proper position of the foot reflexes clearly located on coloured charts and on real feet
  • inspiring personal testimonials about the transforming effects of reflexology
  • the clearest and most interesting reflexology instruction available in video format
DVD cost $37.00   |    Order DVD Number V(DVD)-002A   |    

IMPORTANT! In order to play this DVD, your DVD playback unit MUST BE DVD-R (DVD minus R) compatible.