REFLEXOLOGY is one of the most powerful natural healing techniques available. Reflexology dramatically improves health. It can relax, energize, balance, and positively affect every body. Anyone can easily learn how to use their fingers and thumbs on the feet or hands to reduce tension and congestion, relieve pain and improve the health and well-being of themselves and others.

You can easily learn reflexology with the help of the Reflexology For Every Body book and video, a 'reflexology course in one package'. Order this unique book and video package along with the best reflexology products: charts, reflexology balls and finger massage rings. Judy Law's book, Reflexology For Relaxation, is also available. Joan Cosway-Hayes offers reflexology training.

The Reflexology For Every Body book and video were created by Joan Cosway-Hayes and Judy Law, reflexology instructor/practitioner and reflexologist/film-maker who have over 50 years of combined experience in the field of reflexology. Their love and passion for reflexology, together with their ability to teach it clearly and simply, have created the Reflexology For Every Body book and video. Everything that a complete beginner, student of reflexology or practitioner needs in order to acquire excellence in reflexology is found in the Reflexology For Every Body book and video.

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